Dear Bucks County,

Representing our hometown district is my priority. As a loving father, husband, and business leader, I bring the energy and honesty needed to move Harrisburg forward and deliver results for the local communities of our District. Our healthcare, our water and air, the strengths we share as working families and neighbors, are threatened daily by a stalled state legislature. Let's fix this.

I've lived and worked here in central Bucks for 25 years. As the owner of a small supply business with a dozen employees, I've learned what it takes to serve customers and residents and to manage relationships with banks, municipalities, and the state. As your State Representative, I will do what I've always done: work hard, with integrity and focus, to build better lives for us with the help of the state. 

Our proud communities here in PA District 144 are facing real challenges: rising rates of addiction, suicide, and drug use. At the same time, families are finding our access to health care is confusing, difficult, and expensive. Our state government can improve the healthcare networks while ensuring we can see our doctors when we want. We need to invest in prevention and education, expanding access to treatment and rehabilitation.

We need to support our incomes and retirement security against rising prescription drug costs and insurance company manipulation. We can do better managing our public pensions and the related tax burden of hidden costs and poor performance.

Our families are our foundation, and we should be working to strengthen our relationships, not obstruct them. We support the protection of marriage and gender equality, of the right for a pregnant woman to work without discrimination, of the right for working families to earn living wages.

We are seeing rising threats to our environment, to our neighborhoods, parks, and the woods we hike and hunt in. The enforcement of laws stopping pollution and degradation is underfunded and getting weaker. We have to bring strength and real energy to protect our future for ourselves and our children.

Let's work with my friend, Gov. Tom Wolf, and support the common sense management of our resources while reining in the waste and corruption so common in Harrisburg. Together we can build a strong, fair future for Bucks County.


© 2020 Paid for by Elect Gary Spillane