Affordable Healthcare

I believe healthcare is a right. It protects our families, our neighbors, and our economy.  Every one of us should have access to quality healthcare. We should preserve the Affordable Care Act and its mandate requiring coverage of pre-existing conditions. We must protect and improve the supplemental programs that provide crucial healthcare and nutrition to seniors, veterans, and children. Our veterans deserve our best, not the second-rank, slow care they get now. Our people are our greatest resource and we must have a healthcare system that delivers appropriate care without bankrupting working families. Pennsylvanians should not have to make the difficult choice between providing healthcare for their families or paying for food and shelter. Our state needs to plan for emergencies and the everyday needs of our communities. 


Our Environment

The air we breathe; the water we drink; where we work and play-- this is the environment we share. Protecting our environment and expanding green spaces is a key priority. We need to strategically preserve farmland and wooded areas, increase public trails, parks, and wildlife areas. I oppose uncontrolled, unnecessary development driven by greed and excess. Our roads are jammed and deteriorating. There is no plan. Enforcement of environmental laws and punishment for violations are weak. I believe access to clean air and clean drinking water is our right. The Commonwealth must prevent any industry from polluting our ground and surface water. Our district has many rivers, streams, and waterways damaged by pollution and encroachment. It is our collective responsibility to “Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.” 

Public Education

Education is the bedrock of opportunity for our children. I will work to ensure all students and teachers are provided adequate funding for Pre-K through 12th grade, college, and vocational training. I support Fair Funding PA, which is a coalition working to ensure all school funding across Pennsylvania is fair, adequate, and sustainable. A student’s zip code or their social or economic background should not determine the quality of their education in Pennsylvania. I support initiatives for more affordable college tuition programs and free college tuition for qualifying Pennsylvanians at state colleges and universities. I support initiatives for more affordable college tuition programs and an increased focus on early education programs, vocational programs, and trade schools.


Opioid Crisis

I believe we must combat the opioid epidemic with compassion, education and targeted resources. Our family members and neighbors are suffering from the grips of dangerous, addictive drugs. We must act now. We are losing more than 4,000 Pennsylvanians annually to overdose deaths from heroin, fentanyl, and oxycontin. This epidemic is connected to Substance Abuse Disorder. Alcoholism and less lethal drug abuse are all too common. Rising suicide rates and a lack of mental health care contribute to the crisis. We must link our faith and community leaders, our public safety and judicial officials, our school faculties, coaches and students. State leadership and funding can help coordinate our response and provide the regulated, sufficient tools to address this continuing community need. We must work together to support addiction treatment, rehabilitation, recovery and education programs. Also, we should create tougher penalties for the criminals and industries that profit from the sale and exploitation of opioids and other addictive products. I support increased funding for the efforts of state and local police departments to continue their vital work on the front lines of the epidemic


Seniors’ Quality of Life

I will work to ensure our seniors enjoy a healthy, secure retirement. Our seniors have spent a lifetime paying their dues. They deserve safe, healthy living conditions. We must do better for them now. I support protecting social security, healthcare, and affordable housing programs for our Seniors and expanding programs that will ease their tax burden and allow them to maintain a happy and healthy livelihood. I support protecting our Seniors’ incomes and retirement security against rising prescription drug costs and insurance company manipulation. I also believe we can do much better managing our public pensions and the related tax burden of hidden costs and poor performance. Health care for seniors should be easy and understandable. 


Women’s Rights

I am committed to protecting and advancing women’s rights in Pennsylvania. I support women’s access to safe, quality reproductive healthcare as a fundamental right. I support equal pay for equal work and raising the minimum wage in Pennsylvania. I will also fight against workplace discrimination based on gender and work to close the gender pay gap. I support tougher laws to combat sexual harassment and sexual assault as well as more resources to make it easier for women to report these criminal acts in the workplace and at home. I will ensure that students in our schools and colleges are protected from sexual harassment and have a safe and effective way to report incidents.


LGBTQ+ Rights

We should protect and advance the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. We must establish statewide legal protections against discrimination and hate crimes based on sexual orientation or gender identity in Pennsylvania. Currently, Pennsylvania has no laws protecting any PA Citizen from hate or bias crimes based on sexual orientation or gender identity. No one should be legally fired for whom they love. This protection should be a right as it is in dozens of states across the country. We must also work to ensure the LGBTQ+ community is protected from housing discrimination. 


Infrastructure Investment

Our roads, bridges, and public facilities such as airports and power plants are deteriorating. We manage infrastructure failures by crisis, without a plan. Our roads are jammed with traffic and are unsafe. Truck and traffic volumes are too high for the patchwork of road systems we have allowed to crumble. We must create a realistic financial plan to modernize and maintain our transportation systems. Bucks County is home to hundreds of historic bridges in need of repair. These bridges connect our communities and economies. Infrastructure problems have existed for decades. We must act now with urgency to prevent potential future tragedies. Prioritizing safe and modern infrastructure will help fuel our local economy and put organized labor to work for years to come.


Workers’ Rights

As a small business owner, I valued my workers as partners and respected their rights. I provided healthcare and paid fair living wages because it was the right thing to do. I wanted to ensure my workers had access to the benefits available so they could provide for their families. I believe a happy and healthy employee is a more productive employee. I will fight to raise the minimum wage in the Fight for 15 and protect unions’ rights to organize and collectively bargain. I will also fight against the unsafe, underground economy that thrives on misclassification of employees and the under-handed methods companies use to jeopardize our safety.


Common-Sense Gun Laws

I support common-sense gun safety reforms that would help decrease the threat of mass shootings. Universal background checks and a reporting requirement for lost or stolen guns are reforms that protect the rights and freedoms of Pennsylvanians. We must enact laws to prevent known terrorists and abusers from buying guns. I respect the Second Amendment and believe that the balancing of all rights requires limitations and restrictions. I support enacting Extreme Risk Protection Orders which would temporarily remove an individual’s access to firearms if they are in crisis and are making threats about harming themselves and others. I also support safe storage requirements, mandatory training for first-time buyers and implementing stronger school safety measures.


Fair Elections and an End to Gerrymandering 

I support Fair Districts PA, the coalition calling for non-partisan redistricting at the state level to stop partisan gerrymandering. I support early voting, no excuse mail-in ballots, same-day registration, automatic voter registration when a citizen turns 18, and other reforms that make it easier for all Pennsylvanians to vote. I also support campaign finance reform for increased transparency and accountability for our elected officials.

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